Desert Exposure, February 2011

Brandon was featured in an article, "The Music Man", in the February 2011 publication of Desert ExposureClick to read the online article...

Story and Photos by Richard Mahler

"Mucians here are close.  All of us understand that
music is about sharing our unique voices
as well as love for the community."



Silver City Life, Summer 2006

Brandon was a featured in "Musicians in the Spot Light" in the Summer 2006 edition of Silver City Life magazine.  Click to view the magazine edition online...

"Well-known performer Brandon Perrault, who has rarely passed up a chance to sing anywhere, about almost anything, is in a songwriting phase too.  With ten CD's out (available at Dos Baristas) ranging from covers of Mexican traditional tunes to patriotic, jazz and country music, this versatile musician has been inspired by the film 'Salt of the Earth' to explore mining history.

A fourth generation Silver City native, Brandon aspires to travel more extensively and to expand his audience outside the southwest.  Last year he journeyed to Tokyo, performing at a traditional Buddhist wedding ceremony.  To the delight of the audience, Brandon sang "Brown-Eyed Girl" and "Morena de Mi Corazon," a song written by actor Antonio Banderas for the film "Desperado."