Brandon began singing at age ten. From the beginning, he began surprising everyone with his talent.

"I noticed immediately that people reacted differently to me when I sang. I knew I could do this well."

Through junior high and middle school, Brandon played viola and then saxophone in the senior high school band. And, while still in high school, he joined a band that opened for famous Tex-Mex musicians like Little Joe y La Familia and Ruben Ramos. He's always been a versatile musician.

"I mainly play guitar and piano, and I sing. I can play the drums, bass guitar, accordion, and Guitarron (Mariachi Bass). I love to turn up my electric guitar and let it wail!"

Brandon recorded a showcase album in Nashville, TN, but chose to finish college. He completed bachelors and masters degrees in music education at Western New Mexico University.

Brandon plays all over the map, geographically and musically in Santa Fe and other New Mexico locales, including every musical venue in Silver City, Fire Island, New York, Los Angeles, California, El Paso and San Antonio, Texas, Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona.

Brandon has "five beautiful children". His young son Oliver has been known to take a turn on the drums when his dad plays for community events, and Oskar (pictured left) has recently picked up the guitar.

He comes from a big family with a lot of history in southern New Mexico. The family has been a featured exhibit at the Silver City Art Museum. Brandon's great, great grandfather came from Quebec, Canada, and settled in the Mimbres Valley.  He then met Brandon's great-great grandmother in Mexico. They returned to Silver CIty to farm, ranch and stake mining claims. They also ran a general store in the then-booming town of Hillsboro, NM.

"My grandparents tell me I'm related to Geronimo and Apache Bill.  They are my biggest fans — my grandfather Pete Martinez always sports a t-shirt promoting me!"